A Hundred Days Of Skate

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Every Year for the past 5 years I have challenged myself to try and skate everyday back to back, no matter how long or how little. It's just a way of me getting out there on my board, as with many of the guys my age it's hard juggling work, family and fatigue let alone any of the mundane things that crop up, the past two years it's been just myself and 31 days was my record. This year Simon Dark has joined me and has pushed me beyond my limits, we are on target to hit a hundred, it's not been easy but I think we just might make it.

Anyway we are having a party to celebrate reaching a hundred, we will review the situation when/if we get there. Feel free to come join us for the session at Exist Skate Park for A Hundred Days of Skate with Welsh punk rock legends The Groundnuts & Independents and DJ sets from JonoZero1 and DJ Mr Spinx. Come and dine/drink at the park while the entertainment flows from all angles!

Thanks. Hope to see you there