Barton x Corona Bespoke MiniRamp


Barton x Corona Miniramp  Build

This ramp is approx 16' wide mini ramp, 4' high with a roll in and 6' high extension on one end and is 28' in length . You'll need a good size space for something like this and nice neighbours. 

The ground works team dug out the foundations and levelled the footings while I cut out the transitions. 

Transitions routered to your preferred curve, you can now start framing them up.

Once all footings have gone off and levels double checked, we put four corner pieces of this ramp, (you don’t have to build in modular format but for this project with social distancing in place I thought it would be a good idea to work in smaller more manageable sections) and started lining things up. main carcass framed up time to get the platforms built.

Once all the framework is complete, platforms, extensions etc. Next, fit your coping, whether your fitting metal or something slightly more bespoke, once you have this in place and set to your preferred setting you can start surfacing.

First ply on, time for the second layer.

Second ply completed, lets get a session on!

Corona miniramp swansea Gower

Get in touch if you’d like us to build you something delicious for your back yard or where ever you’re allowed to have one of these rascals.