Exist Skate Camp ‘19 MONDAY

This Years Easter Skate Camp saw u head out on the road once again with a young group of young skateboarders from around South Wales, excited to try and hit as many skateparks as we could, dodging weather, making friends and learning tricks along the way.

Monday - first port of call is a park we've never visited before, out on the west coast of Wales, Aberystwyth has a fairly new park (2017) pretty standard as fair as skateparks go bowled out capsule with a bit of a driveway/jump box rail/ledge type deal, but...



... the most exciting part of it is the fact that there is shared walk ways around the park with ledges manual pads and rails that blend into pedestrian surroundings and works really well, very Northern European feel to the way this skatepark feels, well worth a visit.