Girl Skateboards LA Visit

GIRL warehouse visit Los Angeles


End of September, In Los Angeles for the weekend, We thought seeing that we were in the area, it would be rude to not check up on our best friends at Girl Skateboards and make sure they were behaving themselves, We talked all things industry including Brexit, can’t wait for it to be over 😂, current affair lols, 

A short LA taxi ride down to Torrance, found us outside the warehouse doors of probably one of my all-time favourite brand, Since the early 90's (1993) Girl has managed to on top of it's game for nearly 30 years now, producing some of my favourite videos of all time.

 Mouse might be one of my total favs, so to find these little rascals hiding amongst a whole load of hoarded memorabilia was a real treat.

yeah-right-skateboards  Just stashed in a corner next to the bar. Yeah Right.

Gotta sneak a mascot shot in somewhere, Guarding the Crail Couch, nearly didn't get an interview on it.


It's okay though, we totally did.

Again lots of things just kickin' about, someone spotted the master tapes for all the classic videos just next to my feet in this shot. Ha!

The corridors here are filled with some awesome nostalgia, pictures, artworks, boards, Classic photo with all the lads.

Art Dump. 


Even had time to have couple of cheeky drinks and make a trick.

Thanks to Jamie for Showing us round, gutted Rick and Mike heard we were coming and snuck off to New York for the weekend. Gut ;)