West Cross Skate Ramp update:


We love this ramp and the location has been incredible, but it is time for change. With current plans to update this space thrown into doubt there is some light as the council have announced that one of the sites has been taken off the table for development.


The Wales online article is hopefully an indication of the general public’s view that any major developments could ruin the beauty spot.


 With the backing of mumbles community councillor Sara Keaton, we really hope they can see the need to update the West Cross Ramp site with the new small plans to put a concrete park on the same footprint as the tarmac area which is already there.

The well designed new proposal see no trees being removed and no high rise plans obscuring the fantastic views of Mumbles head and Swansea Bay. 

We are recording the current ramp for an archeological project to do with skateboard History Called Unloved Heritage, come and learn how to 3D model and record historical sites Wednesday 26th of June.

Here’s a link to an update video from Jono Atkinson for your viewing pleasure.