Bones Swiss Bearings Original

Bones Swiss Bearings Original

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Bones Swiss Bearings

Legendary Original Bones Swiss bearings are the optimum combination of Bones Skate Rated™ design and Swiss precision manufacturing, creating the standard by which other bearings are measured.

Bones Swiss have been preferred and chosen for more than 33 years by the worlds top professional skaters. When they say "Swiss" this is the one they mean.

Designed for the rigours of competition skating, they provide the fastest roll, easiest maintenance, and longest life of any similar steel bearing on the market. Bones Swiss normally last several times as long as ordinary ABEC rated bearings.

* Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™ racing lubricant.
* Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.


* Set of 8 bearings
* 4 bearing spacers
* Instructions
* Sticker